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Global Skills Strategy: Who is eligible?

In some circumstances, the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) requirement is ignored for foreign workers in Canada. The following situations are the most typical ones in which Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will waive the LMIA procedure for a request for a Canadian work permit:

International Agreements Coverage

For investors, traders, business travellers, and other professionals covered by agreements like the North American Free Trade Agreement, this category facilitates the issuing of Canadian work permits (NAFTA). Such international accords have determined that the transfer of labour benefits Canada and hence do not require an LMIA.

Participation In A Programme Of International Exchange

People who enter Canada through youth exchange programmes, including teacher exchanges, joint exchange programmes SWAP (Student Work Abroad Program) IEC (International Experience Canada), and the Working Holiday Visa, are also prohibited.

Commercial Activities

Private business owners who want to launch or run a company in Canada may be eligible for an LMIA-exempt work visa. These requirements must be met by qualified entrepreneurs:

  • own the entire or the majority of the business.
  • Canada should gain a lot from the industry.
  • They must provide proof that any work done in Canada will only be temporary.

Entrepreneurs who have applied for permanent resident status in Canada may also be free from LMIA.

Internal Transfers

When a foreign subsidiary or branch of a Canadian corporation temporarily relocates an employee to Canada in an executive, managerial, or specialised knowledge job, no Labour Market Impact Assessment is required. Additionally exempt from this rule are foreign workers whose labour in Canada clearly benefits Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

Work Permits for Pilot Projects

An arrangement between the provincial/territorial government and CIC to promote temporary foreign workers in particular fields is known as a pilot project. The spouses common-law partners and dependents of eligible workers are also covered by these agreements.

Dependents and spouses

Applications may also be processed within two weeks for the workerss spouse, common-law partner and dependent children. Applications for the following are affected by this:

All dependents spouses, common-law partners and kids must file a full application at the same time as the worker.

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