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Schengen Visitor Visa

Schengen Visitor Visa from India

Tourist Schengen Visa – Visiting Europe for the Purpose of Tourism

A Tourist Schengen Visa allows citizens of third countries to enter the Schengen Area for up to 90 days in a 6-month period as a result of travelling or touring Europe for leisure.

When visiting Europe for the first time, do you require a tourist Schengen visa?

Non-European persons interested in visiting Europe for tourism may be needed to apply for a Schengen visa under the “tourist” category.

When applying for a traveler Schengen visa, what IDs are obligatory?

You must submit the following documents when applying for a Tourist Schengen Visa:

  • Form for obtaining a visa. Totally filled out with precise data, printed, and employed at the deduction.
  • Here are a couple of recent photos. Taken within the past three months, in conformity with the Schengen visa photo standards.
  • It is necessary to have a valid passport. It must be less than ten years old and valid for at least three months beyond your Schengen stay. It must have at least two blank pages in order to attach the visa sticker.
  • Route or roundtrip reservation A file that specifies entry and exit dates and flight numbers from the Schengen area. Learn how to make a tourist flight booking.
  • Travelers’ Health Insurance Evidence confirming you have purchased health insurance for the duration of your stay, with a minimum coverage of €30,000 for medical emergencies. Insurance coverage from AXA Schengen or Europ Assistance can be purchased easily online.
  • Proof of lodging is required. Evidence demonstrating where you will be staying throughout your Schengen stay. This might be one of the subsequent:
  • Making a hotel or hostel reservation. Provide your full name, complete address, phone number, and e-mail address for the duration of your stay in the Schengen area.
  • A lease agreement You will be staying in the country if you have hired a place.
  • Financial proof is required. Evidence that you will be able to sustain yourself throughout your Schengen stay. This could be one of the subsequent:

1) Statement of bank account.
2) A letter of sponsorship. When someone else will cover the cost of your journey to the Schengen Zone. Affidavit of Provision is another name for it.
3) A hybrid of the two

  • Employment proof is required.
  • Itinerary for travel A description of your journey to Europe, including the aim of your trip, the destinations you plan to visit in Europe, the time frame, and all of your personal information. For minors only:
  • If the parents are separated, either a birth certificate, proof of adoption, or a custody decree; if the parents are not divorced, a death certificate of the parent.
  • Parental consent letter with copies of both parents’/legal guardians’ passports

Where Should I Apply for a Tourist Schengen Visa?

Your Tourist Schengen Visa request must be succumbed to the embassy/consulate/visa centre of your principal terminus in the Schengen Area.

We mean the following when we say “primary destination”:

  • When visiting only one Schengen country, submit your visa application to that country’s embassy/consulate/visa centre.
  • When visiting more than two Schengen countries, apply at the country’s embassy, consulate, or visa centre:
  • In which you will be spending a greater number of days
  • Since you want to spend an equal number of days in each, you will enter first.

Pay attention to how your main destination’s authorities have regulated visa submission in your country. Visa application is regulated by jurisdictions in larger countries.

How long does the visa last?

A tourist visa is usually only valid for up to 90 days. It’s a good idea to fill in the “multiple entry” gap on the application form if you’ll be travelling a lot and not only in one Schengen country. This way, you’ll be able to come and go as you choose within the Schengen Zone for the duration of your visa.

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