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Refund and Cancellation

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Under no circumstances will Grades Global Immigration issue reimbursements for early service termination.

  • The refund percentages given are for the entire service cost, not just the amount paid. Only if the entire fee for the product is paid without any balance is a refund percentage applied. Even if they fall under one of the aforementioned clauses or have not paid the entire full-service price, applicants will not be entitled for the return percentage.
  • Clients are registered in advance, i.e., before the real qualification is revealed, to ensure that the cap system is satisfied, and immigration announcements are discounted on the basis of future expectations. It is pre-agreed that the client will recognise this and will be prepared to do so in order to avoid the last-minute rush and to ensure that all requirements are met by the time the immigration authorities issue their announcement. Clients can choose to transfer to other opportunities if their profile is not eligible after the announcement.
  • The customer acknowledges that the overall invoice amount (bill value) will include the Grades Global Immigration consulting fee as well as any relevant tax. The return, however, would be based solely on the Grades Global Immigration consultation cost. At any point in time, the tax component is non-refundable.
  • If the Immigration and Visa Authorities reject your application, Grades Global Immigration will return the applicable money as mentioned in the agreement. After the client submits the Online Refund Claim Form to Grades Global Immigration, the refund will be processed within 15-30 working days. To support the Refund Claim, the Client must submit a copy of the Authority’s denial letter. Grades Global Immigration will not be able to complete a refund if a client fails to include a copy of the rejection letter or the rejection stamp on the client’s passport.
  • The company is not liable for any delays caused by third-party services such as Courier Services or other causes outside its control. Clients also have no right to a return of service fees.
  • Grades Global Immigration is not responsible for any fees or other amounts/charges paid to any Assessing Bodies, Immigration Authorities, Embassy/Consulate/High Commission in the event that the applicant does not receive visa/immigration approval, or if his/her application is rejected or not accepted by any respective authority at any stage. The registration/processing fees only cover the costs of Grades Global Immigration’s services; they do not cover any application or assessment expenses. During the processing, the applicant agrees to pay all additional fees that may be incurred.
  • If the applicant pays by credit card or net banking, he agrees not to dispute the payment or alert the designated bank for chargeback, demanding that the bank withhold or reject the applicant’s payment to Grades Global Immigration.
  • The Grades Global Immigration Service Charges are not based on market rates, but rather on company standards that the client consented to.
  • The client also acknowledges that all/any registrations for any countries made with Grades Global Immigration Service prior to this client declaration agreement date, if any, are null and void, and that no claim for service or fee can be made until Grades Global Immigration Service provides it in writing.
  • There will be no reimbursement if the visa is denied for the following reasons:
  • If the candidates do not show up for the visa interview.

2) Medical failure by the client or any of his or her family members who were included in the application.

3) If the applicant does not follow the Embassy’s or Consulate’s requirements.

4) Failure to present a valid Police Clearance Certificate that is no older than three months.

5) Submission of fake documents and failure to produce sufficient funds for settlement by the client or his or her family members included in the application.

6) The client or any of his or her family members mentioned in the application has previously broken any immigration or visa legislation.

7) Failure to meet the required score in the English language test to meet the eligibility criterion and as directed by the Grades Global Immigration Service consultant, the client fails to submit any extra papers needed by the consulate at a later date.

8) If the client abandons his or her case within three months of enrollment, there will be no return.

9) Abandonment is sometimes defined as a three-month period of no communication with your Process Consultant.

  • Within 30 days, the client must provide all papers, documents, and information necessary for Grades Global Immigration Service to work on his or her documentation and prepare it for submission to the proper assessing/immigration body. Because the customer is unable to do so, no payment of the advisory/consulting fee paid to Grades Global Immigration Service is outstanding.
  • Each and every notification received by the client from the processing visa office shall be reported to Grades Global Immigration Service within a week of receipt, either in writing or by phone. Furthermore, the customer must tell the aforementioned immigration consultancy of any and all communications with the concerned visa bureau, both in writing and over the phone, within a week or seven days of such a contact. This includes both personal visits to the visa office and phone inquiries. The fact that the client is unable to do so implies that no money is owed to Grades Global Immigration Service for any secretarial services rendered.
  • The client will attend each and every interview as and when required by the processing visa agency, at the location specified by the visa agency and at his own expense, and will promptly follow each and every order issued by the visa agency. The client’s inability to do so implies that no reimbursement of any secretarial fees paid to Grades Global Immigration Service is due.
  • If the application/petition is returned/rejected/delayed due to an error in the application fee or form of payment, the applicant agrees not to file a claim for withdrawal of his application on this basis, as the application fee payment and mode of payment are the applicant’s exclusive responsibility.
  • It is well acknowledged that filing an immigration application is never generic, routine, or time-bound. As the procedure progresses, the concerned case officer may seek additional documents and may request that such new documents be sent to the applicable immigration authorities. Any refund requests based on these grounds will be denied.
  • The client must also acknowledge and accept that if he or she abandons his or her application or decides to opt out for any reason during the proceedings after signing up, there will be no refund or transfer of the Grades Global Immigration Service charge to a friend or relative.
  • The client will provide Grades Global Immigration Service and the associated Visa Office with the necessary information and documents, including English translations, in an agreed-upon format. On the basis of the facts and documents supplied by the customer, the mentioned immigration consultancy has fully agreed. The offer will be rejected by the concerned Immigration authorities if the provided details are found to be erroneous, fraudulent, insufficient, or inappropriate. Furthermore, the immigration consultancy accepts no responsibility for any detrimental influence on the petition’s outcome or the consequent rejection based on this premise. Under such circumstances, no return of the consultation fee or the amount paid to government agencies may be requested.
  • The client agrees to comply with all requirements of the relevant authorities who conduct an assessment or make a visa decision. The customer also agrees to produce all documentation, including originals, if the evaluating authorities so request. The client acknowledges that any failure on his or her part to provide these documents, in whole or in part, is an independent fault on the client’s behalf, for which Grades Global Immigration Service is not liable. As a result, the customer acknowledges that inability to deliver papers is not a valid reason for a refund claim.
  • The customer will pay all fees payable to various government and skills appraisal bodies and language testing organisations, including, but not limited to, skills appraisal fees, residency visa petition fees, Acceptable English language or other language exams if applicable, health tests, and so on. Regardless of the ultimate decision on the visa petition, the fees are completely non-refundable and non-adjustable by any of the receiving offices or the immigration consultancy.
  • Following the submission of the petition and until the discharge of the Permanent Residence Permit, the client will notify Grades Global Immigration Service of any news involving a change of housing/mailing address, educational/specialized credentials, change of matrimonial status/service or company, newly born children, or any police/illegal case. The client’s inability to do so demonstrates that there is no overdue reimbursement of any consulting fees paid to the immigration firm.
  • The client must take an Acceptable English language or other language test and achieve a minimum individual total of the group in each of the four assessment factors–read, write, speak, and listen–as appropriate for him/her and as required by the Visa Issuing Authority/Assessment Body. The client fully understands and agrees that his petition cannot be submitted without passing the required Acceptable English language or other language tests (if applicable), including for his partner or dependents over the age of 18, and that no reimbursement of the advisory/consulting/secretarial services charge offered to Grades Global Immigration Service will be due or settled if he fails to pass the required Acceptable English language or other language tests.
  • The client must also ensure that he or she is married or in a relationship that is acceptable to be considered as a dependent–the spouse or acceptable dependent/s must appear for an Acceptable English language or other language tests if applicable, and provide a report with a minimum score as is appropriate on the basis of the agreed-upon SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT with Grades Global Immigration Service.
  • By signing/accepting the agreement to utilise our services, the client agrees that he or she will not be able to withdraw at any point throughout the procedure due to changes in his or her personal circumstances. Any type of settlement is inappropriate to consider or entertain. We are unable to fulfil requests for refunds once services have been supplied or any portion of the process has begun because we are a business with significant investment.
  • The secretarial fees paid to Grades Global Immigration Service do not include any amounts owed to any government agency, any language testing organisation, or for any other reason, and are limited to the consultancy’s services and responsibilities as set forth in the SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT signed separately with the client.
  • The client will verify to Grades Global Immigration Service if he or she wishes to use the alternative services of a global authorised assignee (Embassy/Consulate/Language test conducting centres, health check conducting centres, etc.) and will also make extra contributions to Grades Global Immigration Service for such services, as duly arranged and decided under the SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT inked separately with the client. Fees owing to such global authorised assignees (Embassy/Consulate/Language test conducting centres, health check conducting centres, etc.) will not be included in any online payment, and the charge will not be refunded in any circumstance.
  • The client acknowledges that he has been informed of the typical waiting times/average processing times for his permit class, and that these times/average processing times are purely dependent on the convenience of the processing visa office/appraisal body. The client also fully understands and accepts that he will never be entitled to any type of refund for any charges made on or off-site as a result of the longer petition processing times.
  • Following approval of the permit and arriving in any specific abroad destination, Grades Global Immigration Service has not provided any promise, guidance, or pledge on work or job security. On the grounds that Grades Global Immigration Service has been unable to deliver a job guarantee abroad, no compensation will be requested for any advisory/consulting/secretarial service charges previously offered to Grades Global Immigration Service by the client.
  • In the event of a conflict or disagreement over a client’s payment to Grades Global Immigration Service for the SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT lawfully signed with Grades Global Immigration Service. Grades Global Immigration Service’s liability, if it arises and is unpaid, whether monetary or otherwise–shall not exceed, and will be limited to, the fees offered to Grades Global Immigration Service as advisor/consulting/secretarial fees as part of the legally signed SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT.
  • Certain nations have a cap system, thus Visa/Green Card/Permanent Residence acceptance is contingent on the cap not being reached for that year. The client may have the appropriate points as determined by the immigration authorities of the designated country, but if the cap for that year has been reached, the client may still be denied a Visa/Green Card/Permanent Residence. Failure to obtain a Visa/Green Card/Permanent Residence due to the cap limit cannot be used to seek a refund, and the customer is fully aware of this.
  • If your refund request is within the Company’s approved terms and conditions and the service agreement, the time it takes to complete it will be 15-30 working days.
  • The service amount listed is for the entire period of service beginning on the date of registration and does not include an individual’s application. Any assumption of extended services to family or children is entirely at the discretion of the client, and the company will not be held liable.
  • Almost every detail involving each and every case, existing or previous, cases of wrongdoings and/or convictions, and insolvency levelled against the client and those who are dependent on him will be revealed faithfully before Grades Global Immigration Service. If he refuses to divulge such information, and it is later discovered, no reimbursements of the money paid to Grades Global Immigration Service will be granted.

Grades Global Immigration Service is obligated to protect a client’s privacy and confidentiality. As a result, Grades Global Immigration Service takes reasonable precautions to secure the personal information it collects from misuse and loss, as well as unauthorised access, modification, or disclosure. Grades Global Immigration Service may use and disclose the client’s (and, if applicable, the client’s family’s) personal information for the primary purpose for which it was collected, for reasonably anticipated secondary purposes that are related to the primary purpose, and in other circumstances as permitted by the Privacy Act.

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