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Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190

What is a qualified designated work visa (subclass 190)?

Work and live in Australia with this permanent work visa. Certain foreign skilled workers on the Australian Skilled Occupation List may be eligible for a Subclass 190 visa. For this visa, the applicant must pass the proficiency test and be nominated by the state or quasi-state government. The Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) is a permanent visa for skilled migrants with advanced STEMM capabilities who are currently working in Victoria. Before you can apply for the visa, you must first acquire Victoria’s nomination. On the other hand, if you meet the state nomination requirements, South Australia offers a state nomination pathway for this visa. This is an indefinite stay visa that allows you to stay in South Australia.

You will receive 5 additional points if you receive a state nomination from South Australia, which will help you qualify for a subclass 190 visa under the Department of Home Affairs points test.

What are the benefits of a qualified designated work visa (subclass 190)?

Skilled Nominee Work Visa offers you and your family all the benefits of permanent residence in Australia.

  • Work and live indefinitely in Australia
  • Opportunity to study in Australia
  • Enroll in Medicare, Australia’s government health care system
  • Opportunity to apply for Australian citizenship
  • Permanent Resident Sponsor Relatives
  • Go in and out of Australia as you like

How do I apply for a Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)? 

Step 1: Check if your profession is on the Qualified Occupations List

 This visa is only available to those who can fill the positions on this list.

 Step 2: Make sure you meet all eligibility requirements

To apply, you must meet the following requirements: 444 Under the age of 450

  • Basic knowledge of English
  • Meet health requirements
  • Meet character requirements
  • Australian Government has no outstanding debt
  • Ready to sign the Australian Declaration of Values

 Step 3: Complete Skill Assessment

To qualify for a Subclass 190 visa, you must complete the skill assessment and achieve an acceptable score. The score must match the score on the invitation (step 5). Instructions on how to obtain a proper competence assessment can be found on the Australian Interior Ministry (DHA) website.

 Step 4: Send an expression of interest via Skill Select

 Next, you need to send an expression of interest (EOI) through Skill Select. The Skill Select program asks a series of questions about your background, skills, and related work experience.

 Step 5: Get Government Nomination

 A skilled nominated work visa (subclass 190) must be nominated by the state or quasi-state government. Submitting an EOI allows government agencies looking for potential employees with your skills to view it. If the government decides to nominate you, you will receive an invitation to apply for a 190 visa.

 Step 6: Apply for a Skilled Nomination Working Visa (Subclass 190)

After finding and being nominated for an employer, you can apply for a 190 visa online through DHA. You need to attach the specific documents listed here to your application.

 Step 7: Waiting for a decision

It may take several months for the DHA to make a visa application decision. The processing period for 190 visas in 2016 was 3 months.

 Step 8: Receive a visa and start working

Once your application is approved, you will receive a visa and will be able to work in Australia.

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