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Canada Skilled Occupation (NOC) List 2024

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Eligible Canada Occupation In-Demand List

Generating employment trade urgency for numerous prospects who line up each year looking for a career spot in the Canada occupation in-demand list, it is no wonder why Canada is a paradise to walk on. And, if you lucky enough to find your career path in Canada’s in-demand list then they welcome you with open arms just like the thousands who are invited from around the globe each year on a Canada pr visa.

To ease the drawback in the old immigration system the government of Canada introduced Canada Express entry program in JAN 01, 2015 under the economic class which includes the federal skilled worker program. Since then these occupations gained wide recognition from aspiring skilled applicants globally. Under this program, there are a total of 347 eligible occupations for the federal skilled workers to fill each year.

Who is a federal skilled worker?

A federal skilled worker is a person who is believed to be the one who can positively contribute to the upliftment of the Canadian economy. Aspirants who have suitable age, education, work experience, and language ability either in English or French that work in favor of qualifying for Canada express entry make you a federal skilled worker.

The ones’ who are qualifying to meet the minimum threshold are required to submit an expression of interest in Canada express entry pool. These applicants in the pool are then graded based on their scores in the comprehensive ranking system CRS, from where the highest-ranking candidates are considered for an invitation to apply for Canada permanent resident visa.

However, to qualify for the express entry points system as a federal skilled worker, the applicant must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Must have minimum one-year full-time paid professional experience or equivalent in the last 10 years in any one of the below 347 eligible occupations with the prerequisite that employment should be classified within the skill type O, A, and B under the applicable National Occupational Classification system.
  • Must qualify with a minimum of 67 points on the point’s grid to successfully apply for Canada immigration.
  • Provide the latest documents on a background check and healthcare assessment.
  • Demonstrate language benchmark test scores from recognized third-party institutions for English & French.
  • Show suitable funds for settlement in Canada.

The eligible Canada occupation in-demand list as updated:

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