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One of India’s best immigration consultancies is Grades Global Immigration Services Limited. Our Immigration Services are designed to provide comprehensive information about the immigration process so that our clients can make well-informed decisions. Grades Global Immigration Services Limited offers immigration consulting to a huge number of people in India who want to live in another country. For immigration consultations, we give our customers with accurate information and the best available application route. Our primary purpose is to assist our clients in achieving their immigration-related objectives.

To aspiring immigrants who seek to travel to overseas destinations, our expert immigration advisors and lawyers give exceptional immigration and citizenship services. We are regarded as the leading PR Visa Consulting Firm when it comes to identifying the best options for you. We ensure that our clients obtain the services they have paid for and that their aspirations come true.

Our Services reflect our enthusiasm for what we do

Analyze / Case Study

You can use our Online Assessment to see if you are qualified to apply for a Visa. Register to take the Assessment and get fast access to your results.


Assist clients in getting their qualifications assessed/evaluated by professional organizations and/or educational institutions in the country of immigration.

Application for a Visa

Our best-in-class consultants provide quick application processing online. Grades Global’ immigration professionals make your visa application go more smoothly.

Filling Out Forms

With Grades Global Immigration consultant, filling out forms has never been easier. There will be no bother instruction, so our clients may relax while filling out forms and submit them with complete accuracy.

Restart the rebuilding process

Grades Global Immigration Services Limited has a package to suit your demands, regardless of the country you wish to grow your career in. Our Smart Combos include services like as resume writing and resume marketing.

Assistance with Documentation

Your application will be prepared, perfected, and submitted by us. Wherever possible, prepare for your personal interview. Grades Global Immigration Services’ experts will guide you through the entire procedure.

Drafting Letters

We will assist you in completing and posting a letter that is requested by any authorities. Our content writers will assist you in drafting letters for all of your immigration needs.

Analysis of Refusal Cases and Refilling

If your case is rejected, don’t worry; Grades Global Immigration Services Limited will take care of it. We’ll organize all of your paperwork in such a way that they’ll be authorized quickly.


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