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PTE Preparation

Need To Know About PTE Preparation

PTE Academic is a well-known computer-based English test for students who wish to learn abroad and immigrate to another country. It was created primarily for non-native English speakers who want to pursue higher education abroad. It covers and assesses the four main aspects of the English language, namely reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The reason that PTE is such a popular English test is that it gives students a lot of freedom.

It allows a student to arrange their test on very short notice, such as twenty-four hours ahead of time. In just five business days, the students will be able to check their results. PTE Academic also offers a variety of exam sites, with test centres in 50 countries and 200 locations throughout the world. The cost of a PTE test varies by region, but it generally ranges from $150 to $220.

Exam Pattern

  1. Speaking
  2. Writing
  3. Listening
  4. Reading

Speaking and writing

The purpose of this component of the test is to assess the person’s opportunity to write and speak in English. This lesson lasts around 90 minutes and is broken into six sub-sections. There are reading activities, multiple choice questions, describing visuals, and an essay writing portion in this section. The essay writing component assesses a student’s command of the English language, his perception of the issue, his opinions on the topic, and, most crucially, his writing abilities.

The reading element of the PTE Academic Test, which usually lasts 40 minutes, is the second half of the test. The purpose of this portion is to gain a better idea of the candidates’ reading ability by giving them textual instructions. This segment is not very long; it is further broken into five parts, each of which thoroughly tests the candidates’ reading abilities.


The final component of the PTE test is the listening section, which lasts about 55 minutes or perhaps an hour. This portion is designed to determine a candidate’s ability to understand English listening abilities. This segment is what distinguishes PTE from other tests; keep in mind that it aids in the completion of the procedures. The main goal of this section is to see how well a student can remember what he or she has heard. This last session is broken down into eight sections, one of which contains a dictation segment; what better way to test your listening abilities than to take a dictation?

Exam Results in PTE Exams

PTE Academic is graded on a scale of 10 to 90, with 10 being the lowest possible score and 90 being the highest. Students are scored on a scale that highlights a candidate’s abilities to read, talk, listen, and write in the English language. The scores are presented in a graphical format to help comprehend a candidate’s strong and weak qualities.

The use of a graph to present results encourages candidates to reflect on where they went wrong, allowing them to improve and obtain better ratings in future tries.

Scoring that is done automatically

The PTE automated scoring system is built on complicated algorithms that were developed by analysing data from over 10,000 students who spoke over 120 different languages.

PTE has fed thousands of human marks into our system and has discovered that the standard error measurement between our system and a human rater is less than the standard error measurement between two human raters.

Some Preparation Suggestions

Students frequently believe that self-study or attending a coaching centre is sufficient, but they are severely mistaken. Self-study as well as enrolment in a good coaching centre are both required. Most importantly, you’ll need a team of immigration professionals to coach you through the exam and later on, as well as numerous other immigration procedures.

The idea is to study regularly with the end goal in mind, which is to immigrate to another nation. PTE, like IELTS and TOEFL, is a multi-level test. PTE questions from time to time assess two English skills at the same time, such as reading and writing or reading and hearing. The full test is completed in a single session, which lasts 3 hours. The speaking section of the test is completed on the computer that the student has been assigned; your voice is recorded and forwarded to the relevant authorities for marking.

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