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Australia Visitor Visa

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Australia Visitor Visa from India

While citizens of the 45 eVisitor or ETA-eligible countries can apply for a visitor visa for Australia online for short tourism or business stays, all other passport holders can apply for a visitor visa for Australia online for the same reasons, as well as for longer stays.

The visitor visa for Australia has replaced the now-defunct Australia tourist visa, and all citizens, with the exception of Somalis, can apply online through the Australia Immigration Department.

Within the subclass 600, there are many visitor visa categories based on the purpose of the stay and the applicant’s nationality. The Australia visiting visa can be granted for a stay of three, six, or twelve months, with single or repeated entries, as approved by Australian Immigration officials on a case-by-case basis.

Citizens of the People’s Republic of China who travel to Australia frequently for business or pleasure can apply for a frequent traveller visitor visa, which allows for 30 consecutive days of stay during a 10-year period.

Before applying for a visitor visa, those who are eligible must first meet the Australia visa requirements. This mostly entails having a passport valid for at least three months while entering Australia, with extra supporting papers depending on the visa’s purpose.

Visa For Tourism Visitors

For citizens who are not qualified for the ETA or eVisitor visa categories, this classification of the visitor visa for Australia permits a stay in Australia for a holiday, as part of a cruise, or to see relatives or friends.

Unlike the other sub-classifications, the Australia visitor visa for tourism can be applied for from both within and outside Australia. With applications submitted from outside Australia, a stay of 3, 6, or 12 months is possible, while qualifying parents of Australian citizens may be granted a longer validity time.

A 12-month Australia visitor visa can only be obtained if the application is made from within the country. This is a great idea.

Family Visitor Visas Are Available

The sponsored family visiting visa for Australia is available to travellers who can be sponsored by a qualifying family member who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

This sort of visa allows you to visit family, go on vacation, or enter Australia as part of a cruise for a 12-month stay. With the Australia tourist visa for families, you can train or study for up to three months, but not if this is your primary reason for visiting.

In order to obtain an Australia visiting visa for families, you will need to produce a letter of invitation from a family member living in Australia as supporting evidence. A security bond may be required as a guarantee from the traveller’s sponsor. The requester might apply for a visitor visa for tourism if a family associate wants to help without becoming a sponsor.

Visitor Visa For Business

The business subtype of the Australia visitor visa permits foreign citizens who are not eligible for the ETA or eVisitor visa to stay in Australia for a limited period of time for business purposes, but not to work or sell goods. The following are instances of acceptable uses:

  1. Inquiring about general business or employment opportunities.
  2. Activities associated with a government visit.
  3. Investigating or negotiating business contracts.
  4. To attend a trade show, seminar, or conference if the organisers have not compensated the applicant to attend.

The Australian business visitor visa is valid for three months and can be obtained as a single or multiple-entry visa. Applicants must be outside of Australia while filing a request for an Australian business visitor visa, and they must remain outside of Australia until the visa is granted.

The Australia visitor visa will not be valid if the primary reason for visiting Australia is to work, study, or take a training course. It will be necessary to obtain a different form of Australian visa.

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