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UK Health and Care Worker Visa

Health and Care Visas are newly introduced visa categories that help overseas medical professionals come to the UK to work for the NHS. This is as an NHS supplier, or as an adult social care provider. These care home visa UK make it easier for healthcare professionals to come and work in the UK.

If you want to live and work in the UK, you can get a Health and Care Visa. It’s like the skilled worker visa, but there are some differences. If you are looking for how to apply for a career visa UK, only medical and health and care professionals can apply for this visa. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge, and visa fees are reduced.

Health and Care Visas are good for up to five years, but you can renew care worker visa UK sponsorship if you want to stay longer in the UK. You can renew your Health and Care visa as many times as you need, as long as you still meet the requirements. If you plan to make the UK your home, apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain. This is after living in the country for five years on a visa.

What is the eligibility for a Health and Care visa?

If you’re a doc nurse or work in allied health professions in the UK health sector, you might be eligible for a Health and Care Visa. But, apart from the job requirements, there are other criteria you need to meet for a health and care visa UK eligibility.

Applicants who meet these healthcare workers visa UK criteria may be eligible for a Health and Care Visa:

  • Almost any health professional, whether a social worker, a doctor, nurse, or someone else, can do this job.
  • The occupation you will be working in will be either health care or social services.
  • There is a job offer from a UK employer that the Home Office approved for you.
  • You’ve been given a Certificate of Sponsorship from your UK employer, explaining the role.
  • Your salary has to meet the requirements – which depends on what you’re doing.

If you are from a country whose majority language is English or have a degree-level academic qualification taught in English, you don’t have to meet this requirement. However, you should be able to read, write, speak, and understand English to a minimum level of language B1 on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Health and Care Visa Salary Requirements

If you want to work in the Health and Care Worker route, you must earn at least £25,600 per year or £10.10 per hour. However, if your job pays more, you should make more than this amount.

When it comes to career visa UK requirements, making a minimum of what others in your occupation make is a must. If you want to meet that minimum requirement, you need a £30,000 salary per year. For example, if you make £28,000 per year, but others with your job title earn £30,000 per year, you must increase your salary.

Depending on your income, you might still qualify for this visa if you’re under £25,600. If you meet one of these criteria, you can earn less than this:

  • You are employed in a short-term shortage occupation
  • The applicant is either under 26 years old, a student, a recent graduate, or in training for a career
  • Your STEM PhD qualification is relevant to your job
  • Your postdoctoral position is in a scientific field

If any of these apply, your healthcare assistant jobs in UK salary should be at least £20,480 annually. You can expect to be paid between 70-90% of the going rate for your job. You can earn up to $23,040 per year if you have a relevant PhD qualification.

Obtaining a Certificate of Sponsorship

An employer must give you a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) if you wish to work in the UK healthcare sector. It’s an electronic document, so no need to worry about paper.

If you work in the healthcare industry and are planning to apply for a visa, there are some specific requirements for healthcare assistant visa sponsorship London you need to meet. Your employer must provide a Certificate of Sponsorship that briefly explains how you meet these requirements. This is different from other work visa requirements.

You should also prove that your employer has a contract with the NHS if they do medical stuff.

What is the process for applying for a Health and Care Visa?

If you plan to work in the health and care sector in the UK, you should take advantage of a Health and Care Worker Visa. You must complete an online application form on the UK Government’s website to do this.

When applying for the Skilled Worker visa, you’ll be asked if you want a Health and Care Worker Visa. This is part of your application. The answer is “yes” to that question.

You must prove that you applied for the visa. You can do this in two ways. Alternatively, you may visit a visa application center near you to obtain biometric information, such as your photograph and fingerprints. You may also scan your identity document using the ID Check app for UK Immigration.

To complete the application process, you must fill in the form, prove your identity, submit supporting documents, and pay the application fee. If you want healthcare assistant jobs in UK for foreigners, you should apply for your visa three months before the start date. It usually takes about three weeks to decide after submitting your application.

Documents needed for healthcare visa applicants

A Health and Care Worker Visa application requires you to submit certain documents and information to prove your eligibility. The following information is required:

  • Identify your Certificate of Sponsorship by its reference number.
  • You may need to provide evidence of your English proficiency via a Secure English Language Test (SELT) or an English-taught academic qualification.
  • Passports or other national identification documents that are valid
  • Occupational code for your position
  • Your job title and salary
  • You can find out who your employer is and their sponsor license number on your sponsorship certificate.
  • Your tuberculosis test results will be mandatory if you’re in a country that requires them.
  • Your personal savings should be enough to support you here.

You might have to submit a criminal record check to apply for a particular job. When you bring eligible family members to the UK, you must prove their relationship.

It would help if you only used English or Welsh in your documents. If you use another language, you might need an official translation.

How can Grades Global help?

If you want to come to the UK on a Health and Care Visa, it can take an effort to determine if you’re eligible. But don’t worry, our team of experts is up-to-date on the latest UK immigration laws, including the Health and Care Visa. We can help you determine if you qualify.

Applying for a visa can be complex, but our team is here to make it easier for you. If you seek to apply for a Health and Care Visa, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Our experienced lawyers will help you fill out your application form, collect all the necessary documents, and communicate with the HO on your behalf. You can trust us to make the process smooth and stress-free.

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