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How to apply for Canada PR Visa in 2024

If you are looking for the most seamless immigration solutions in the world, then look no further because Canada PR visa is the only destination that offers a good life amid the COVID-19 global outbreak.

As if a permanent residency status isn’t a boon enough, the Canada immigration visa yields a bundle of benefits even after getting a PR. With easy immigration options, Canada is one of the most sought after countries in the world due to its lushness in European culture and prosperity of life. Canada PR visa is your only ticket to Canada that guarantees a good life for you and your later generation.

How to apply for a Canadian PR application from India?

Boasting the best quality of life, abundant opportunities for professional growth, citizenship, and other economic factors gives Canada the edge over other nations where one can lead a peaceful life. This is why there is an upsurge in the number of Canadian PR applications from India to the maple leaf country year after year.

One of the reasons why Canada is the most preferred destination all over the world is because of its lenient immigration policy but having a relaxation doesn’t mean everyone can apply for a Canada PR. To qualify for Canadian immigration, one must successfully show that he/she is scoring more or equivalent to 67 points on the comprehensive ranking system (CRS).

And, anyone who qualifies with more than 67 points on the 2023 Canada points calculator can make their Canadian dreams come true in one of the ten provinces and three territories that make up Canada.

Why Indian’s have Canada permanent resident visa on their mind?

From easily available options to immigrate, life in Canada proves to be much promising in the years to come. But what makes Canada a distinguished destination for permanent settlement is:

  • Unlike other countries like the US, Canada has an easy to apply immigration system with moderate laws governing the immigration policies.
  • Abundant opportunity for Professional growth as mentioned in the Canada occupation in-demand list.
  • Canada Government sees healthcare and education as a necessary boon for their economy, which is why there are free schools and Medicare systems available for Canada PR.
  • The hospitality of the Canadian communities is widely spoken, and with an eco-friendly environment, it is a safe place to stay in the world.

Canada PR Visa pathways for Indians

Canada has always been looking for bright talent from across the globe and for the same, The Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada has introduced these platforms to give an invitation to dedicated skilled workers.

You can apply to the Canada PR application from India through the following popular programs:

  • Canada Express Entry Program – one of the most popular programs of Canada immigration, which uses a point-based online system that assesses skilled professionals based on their education, age, work experience, etc. to rank them on the comprehensive ranking system CRS.
  • Provincial Nomination Program – a fast-track immigration program where each province and territories get to nominate applicants for a Canada pr visa. These PNPs have their governing authorities who work in coordination with IRCC to select and nominate skilled workers for a Canada pr visa.
  • Entrepreneur Program – This program is ideally suited for individuals who you are looking for establishing a business as an entrepreneur in Canada. With huge opportunities for business investment, it’s no wonder why Indian investors are attracted in large numbers for the Canada Permanent Resident visa.
  • Quebec skilled worker Immigration – just like the PNPs Quebec also follows an independent mode of selection criteria for aspiring professionals. The QSWP classifies candidates through a separate points grid other than the comprehensive ranking system criteria, and the ones nominated are given a Quebec selection certificate to be granted a Canada PR.
  • Self-employed person: Under this program applicant with relevant experience in extracurricular activities at the highest level with a noteworthy accomplishment.

What is the Canada PR requirement from India?

Amid the COVID-19 global outbreak, for better healthcare support, people everywhere look up to a place with superior Medicare standards. At this time Canada Express entry program is your savior. The much sought-after point-based system classifies applicants on several factors to see if they’re suited to the Canadian culture and how they could contribute to its economy.

To be granted a PR, the classified applicants are ranked according to comprehensive ranking system criteria, and the once who score the highest are rewarded. The point’s grid for score the optimum points in the comprehensive ranking system is s follows:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Language
  • Adaptability

To further understand the Canada immigration process and to be granted a Canada PR visa, get in touch with one of our executives for unparalleled visa assistance. To have more updated on the latest Canadian immigration news you may get in touch with us @ or on (+91) 880 014 9591.

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