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Finding a job in Canada as an immigrant is one of the most crucial elements in your transition

Beginning your job hunt can be thrilling and difficult at the same time. Because of this, TD and Canada Visa are here to provide you with the tools and advice you need to be successful in your job hunt. On Thursday, July 27, 2023, we cordially welcome you to participate in our free, live, and interactive webinar, finding a Job in Canada: What you Need to Know as a Newcomer.

You will learn information and receive advice from experts during this webinar to help you confidently navigate the Canadian employment market. Our presenter will give you information to assist you make informed decisions as you start your job search, whether you are an international student just starting your career or a seasoned professional who is new to Canada. You can feel empowered to further your career and accomplish your professional objectives in Canada with our assistance. Don’t pass up this chance to learn more about how to advance your career in Canada. Register right away for our webinar!

Are you trying to get employment in Canada? Not sure of the actions to take to accomplish your objectives?

For novices like you, this webinar filled with information is ideal!

It can be difficult to navigate the Canadian job market, particularly if you are a foreigner. You can get the confidence and resources need to launch or advance your career in Canada by using the information and job search techniques you will learn today . Discover the ideal job opportunity, and shine in the interview. Join TD and Canada Visa to gain insightful advice on how to locate employment in Canada.

What will I discover?

1) Understand the principles of a productive job search as a foreigner in Canada and find out how to get started.

2) Gain useful advice on how to build your network and form meaningful contacts as well as knowledge about the value of research and networking in the job search process.

3) Gain knowledge on how to create a solid CV that effectively shows your abilities and professional background.

4) Develop a strong online presence and learn how to develop your personal brand so that you can stand out to potential employers.

5) Gain an understanding of the fundamentals of online encounters with prospective employers and discover techniques for making a good impression.

Canadian Visa

In 1994, was established as the Cohen Immigration Law Firm’s online presence. Since that time, Canada Visa has developed into one of the most reliable resources for information on immigrating to and settling in Canada. All of Canada Visa’s services are designed to make it easier for people all over the world to acquire reliable, accurate, and timely information to assist their immigration to Canada.

Concerning TD

TD has a distinguished history of providing Canadians with financial solutions for more than 150 years. A century of expertise from TD is also brought to bear in assisting immigrants to manage the particular difficulties of the Canadian banking system. With more than a thousand locations, a stellar reputation for providing superior financial services, and the capacity to assist you in more than 50 languages, TD has grown to be one of the biggest and most reputable banks in Canada, serving 16 million people as of today. TD provides online assistance and materials for newcomers on a variety of subjects, including the fundamentals of banking, immigrating to Canada, maintaining a good credit score, and more. For your convenience, TD is open for longer hours. To assist you swiftly handle your daily banking, TD has thousands of ATMs located throughout Canada.